Still no date for Haverhill one way

Cllr Tony Brown standing in Mill Road.
Cllr Tony Brown standing in Mill Road.

There is still no date set for when a one way system designed to alleviate traffic illegally using Haverhill High Street will come into force.

Suffolk County Council said the one way system, which will blocked traffic from driving past the Market Square from Camps Road and instead send it up Mill Road, reversing the existing one way system there, would come into force early in 2014.

Cllr Tony Brown standing in Mill Road.

Cllr Tony Brown standing in Mill Road.

Haverhill residents have launched a petition against the plans which the council says will reduce High Street traffic by 60 per cent as they say it will have an adverse impact on the minor roads and Helions Park Avenue.

County Cllr Tony Brown has also opposed the change and called for more consultation.

A spokesman for the county council said: “This change is being considered to address the high number of vehicles illegally driving down the High Street from Camps Road between 10am and 4pm.

“It is recognised that vehicles delivering to the area would be unable to turn safety and exit via Camps Road towards Burton End and therefore, as part of the experimental order, the existing one way restriction in Mill Road will be reversed.

“This will enable traffic from Camps Road to exit south.

“This is an temporary, experimental, order and any objections received will be considered by the council’s rights of way committee.

“The date that the changes will be implemented has not yet been decided but will be announced well in advance.

“Information will also be provided on how the scheme will be monitored and how objections can be made.

“We welcome the views of residents, shoppers and business owners”

The county council has so far blocked calls to pedestrianise the High Street at the same times as Queen Street, which the town council calls for and says is backed by 70 per cent of residents, but is opposed by businesses including Gurteens and Chapmans.

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