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Stradishall man speaks of his fears of extradition to USA

Lauri Love speaking on BBC's Inside Out
Lauri Love speaking on BBC's Inside Out

A Stradishall man with Asperger’s who faces extradition to the USA for alleged hacking says he reserves the right to end his own life if he is jailed there.

Lauri Love, 32, is awaiting the decision on his appeal against extradition and told BBC’s Inside Out programme last week: “If there are no other options and it is a choice between being subject to the US justice system and being turned into an example or deterrent or choosing to end my own life as an alternative then I do reserve the right to do so.”

His father Alexander Love told the programme: “I think he should be allowed to face trial in this country. In this country the maximum sentence is three years, in America they want to lock him up for decades and they say that’s justice.”

Lauri added: “It’s just absurd someone should be sent to a country they’ve never been, thousands of mile away from all their friends and family to face a foreign law and foreign punishments in a foreign prison system.”

He has not been charged in the UK and would be charged with hacking government computers in the USA but says he has been shown no evidence by the Americans.

He also spoke of the day British police arrived on his doorstep and spent four or five hours searching his home, while his parents became more upset.

“I had to try to reassure them that this wasn’t the end of the world while thinking in my head that this was the end of the world,” he said.

He added that he felt his parents worried even more than he did. But his father said: “I constantly watch how his mental health has been affected by this because it’s so deeply worrying.”

See the full interview at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer

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