Suffolk firefighters climb the ladder

A CHEQUE for £1,271.07 has been handed over to Suffolk Family Carers as a result of Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service’s extreme charity ladder climb in July of this year.

In total, £4,000 was raised by firefighters, councillors and staff in aid of the 2012 chief fire officer’s challenge.

In the run up to the Olympic and Paralmpic Games, firefighters across Suffolk climbed a ladder 300 times, a height equivalent to Mount Olympus, to complete the truly Olympic task.

Kitted out in full firefighter uniform, including heavy breathing apparatus, 12 firefighters took part in the gruelling ladder climb.

Meanwhile, council staff hitched a ride high above Suffolk County Council’s headquarters in Ipswich on a turntable ladder, while others joined cabinet member Colin Spence, senior staff and councillors by abseiling five floors of the same uilding, with some help from specially trained crews.

All the events raised money through sponsorship for Suffolk Family Carers, The Fire Fighters Charity and the Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association.

Councillor Colin Spence, cabinet member for public protection, raised £1240 pounds from the supported abseil. He said; “The annual firefighter challenge is a key date in the calendar, and is a way for Suffolk Fire and Rescue to get eople involved in raising money for some very worthwhile causes. I am really pleased to have made a positive contribution towards the event.”

Jeremy Pembroke, Suffolk County Council’s Chairman, said: “Suffolk Family Carers has such a valuable role in the community and I am very happy we have been able to help support the dedicated carers across the county that do such a fantastic job all year round.

“When I became a Councillor in 2OO1 there were 2OOO young people acting as family carers. There are now over 4OOO, and they need all the support we can give them.”