Suffolk Police: Was your camcorder stolen?

Police are appealing for information as they try and reunite a camcorder with its rightful owner.

The Hitachi camcorder, which is black and silver in colour and stored in a navy blue carrier case with a bright blue band across it, was taken into a second hand outlet in Bury St Edmunds in December 2012. It is believed that the item has been stolen and as such police have seized it.

Officers would now like to see it united with its owners and are asking for anyone who may have had a camcorder stolen, most likely at the latter part of last year, to get in contact. A number of photos have been found on the device the most distinctive being from a wedding and others of children unwrapping presents, possibly from Christmas 2011.

f you believe this could be your camcorder please contact PC Lesley Brown at the Priority Crime Team on 101.