Taser drama at Haverhill supermarket

A police officer holds a taser
A police officer holds a taser

A police offer who stopped off at a Haverhill supermarket just to grab a bar of chocolate became embroiled in a situation that ended with him having to draw a taser gun.

PC Mark Ellis had been in a police car returning from another call when he pulled up at Tesco at about 3.40pm on Thursday, January 16.

He arrived to find a situation was ongoing involving two men suspected of stealing three one litre bottles of Jack Daniels.

PC Ellis explained: “I was asked by staff to assist. There was one male detained (by Tesco security staff) and they indicated there was another man, his accomplice, outside.

“I approached the man outside and walked into the shop with him and as I got to the rear of the shop you could hear an almighty noise and two members of staff had allegedly been assaulted by the originally detained man.

“He had then leaned forward and picked up a syringe from the floor and he held it in front of him.

“It was not in a threatening manner but nevertheless I asked him to withdraw it and he didn’t so I drew out my taser and asked him to drop it on the floor, which he did immediately.

“I only had to aim it at him. I didn’t have to flick it on and red dot him.”

PC Ellis joined the Haverhill SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) in early November and has responsibility for covering the town centre.

It is the first time since he has been in Haverhill, he said, that he has had to draw a taser.

He is currently the only officer in the SNT to be trained in the use of the weapon and up until now, he added, a taser has only been deployed in Haverhill by a member of the firearms team.

Following the incident at Tesco, Darryn Bragg, a 46-year-old from Eastern Avenue in Haverhill was remanded in police custody and appeared at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court on Friday, January 17 where he pleaded guilty to one charge of theft from a shop.

He received a 12 months conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £17 in compensation, £40 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

A 33-year-old man from Feltwell Place in Haverhill also appeared at the same court that day and was charged with two counts of assault and one of theft from a shop.

His case had been adjourned and he must return to court again on Friday, January 31.