Thought for the Week

The Rev Canon Ian Finn

“The emergence of life on Earth might have been an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics…” Professor Brian Cox from the TV documentary the Wonders of Life.

At the time of writing this I have watched in awe the first part of the TV series.

I must confess to being a ‘fan’ of Brian Cox. He explains some of the complexities of the world around us in simple layman’s terms and yet is not condescending to the viewers. His enthusiasm for exploration through science is infectious.

The more we learn about the world in which we live, and the vast universe in which we exist, we cant help to be filled with awe and wonder as our eyes are opened.

I must admit I am not a creationist. I do believe in evolution – it makes sense to me! I’m not threatened in my faith by accepting the truth that is being discovered, that the universe has evolved over billions of years, and will continue to do so for billions to come. I find that more amazing than it all came about in just six days!

For me the act of faith is seeing the hand of the Creator in His creation, the One who set it all on its course and sustains it and directs it through His laws, the laws of order, the laws of physics.

Science and religion are not opposed to one another – that’s a myth of a secular society which, ironically, we are asked to ‘believe’! No, these two great study disciplines have a very important dialogue to preform. They compliment each other.

The more we learn about the world around us and the universe beyond, the more we learn about the Creator, God Himself.