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Thought for the Week by David Wiffen

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Latest lifestyle and leisure news from the Haverhill Echo, haverhillecho.co.uk, @haverhill on Twitter

How is it that every few days we hear of new space projects needing funding, but meagre results of the probes recently completed. Truly tragic was the Virgin Galactic spaceship debacle yet one pilot survived.

Our exploratory trundling ‘Curiosity Rover’ on Mars feeds back interesting land-form details. he latest mission envisaged however, entails humans spending long years in travelling and attempting to land there.

And then the Rosetta mission lands the little Philae craft on Comet 67P which bores into the surface and sends back information on the ‘water signature’ there, giving no support to the ‘panspermia’ speculation of recent years.

After a few days, though, it goes to sleep.

Oh, and then there’s the latest private moon mission with no name up to now. It plans we are told, to land a robotic probe at the south pole of our Earthly Satellite to bore very deeply into the surface.

More than that, we can pay to have a strand of our hair, and some digitized information about us sent on this mission to be buried in a time capsule as our personal declaration to the universe.

Now all of these missions and probes we would call ‘exploratory’, but none of them could be called ‘rescue’ missions.

The nearest we have gotten to that has been to relieve our terrestrial space station inhabitants when breakage or dangerous malfunction has occurred.

So surely it should occur to us earthlings that there was just such a mission of ‘Planetary Rescue’ mounted at that first Christmas because we creatures had long broken off our relationship with our Creator; and in spite of patriarchs, priests, kings and prophets engaging with ways of recovery, this rebellious impasse persisted.

So at that first Christmas there was rejoicing in earth and sky at the ‘mission landing’ of the Christ of God to Bethlehem’s manger.

Announced as Saviour and everlasting King to Mary, He went on to fulfill a ‘planetary rescue’ by His healing life and death, bearing the penalty of sins such as ours, and in His rising to life again effected a ‘rescue’ for such as us which is still available this Christmas 2014.

Do you and I believe it ?

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