Thought for the Week Pastor Paul Turner

I recently collected someone from a train station.

As I stood in the lobby hundreds of people emerged from various trains and I was taken with the thought that I was waiting for just one person.

It reminded me of the final scene of the film Love Actually.

The film explores various views of love but finishes with a scene in which people are re-united at an airport as they arrive from various parts of the world.

There are over seven billion people living in our world but, I would suggest, that life really takes definition and meaning in the context of individual one to one relationships.

Sadly many of us get lost in the multitude, caught up in a busy world but still desperately lonely.

Psalm 68 verse 6 says that ‘God places the lonely in families.’

It’s a picture of God’s desire to help us connect with others. I think (strangely) I see connections with the train station, the airport and church.

It may not be that there is a connection with everyone in the church environment but I like to think that there is a connection for everyone.

I like the view, painted in scripture, of church as family.

God encourages us in scripture to see him as Father (think of the Lord ’s Prayer) and we are also encouraged to view one another as brothers and sisters.

These terms are not meant to be labels we use to address one another but concepts that should form our approach to Christianity.

Don’t be lonely. God has a family for you.