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Thought for the Week Pentecost tells us that God is with us and within us

The Church is celebrating the great festival of Pentecost.

It would be a mistake for us to restrict Pentecost or the descent of the Holy Spirit to a one day wonder when a house in long ago Jerusalem was rocked by a mighty wind and there were mysterious tongues of fire in the air.

The wind expresses the movement of God’s creative power, recalling the breath of God over the primitive chaos in the story of creation.

The tongues express the proclamation of God’s message; a message of love and forgiveness, mercy and reconciliation that like a fire will melt the hard, stone hearts of those who resist this message of love.

The Holy Spirit illustrates the power of God in proclaiming the Good News that overcomes all barriers of language, race and divisions within the Church.

This outpouring of God’s spirit was not a one off experience, for the same spirit has kept the Church alive down through the centuries, giving its diverse members courage to go out and proclaim the Gospel.

The feast of Pentecost reminds all Christians that this power is available to us if we reach out in trust and are receptive to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our lives.

It would be a mistake for us to look for the spirit in spectacular signs and wonders and ignore his presence in the ordinary happenings of our life.

The spirit takes hold of our lives, bringing light to our minds and warmth to our hearts as our comforter and guide.

The spirit breathes as and where he wills.

He fills our lives with power as the wind fills the sails of a boat driving it across the lake,

The message of Pentecost is to have courage because God is with us and within us.

In times of doubt let every Christian, every Christian community renew itself with the vigour of the spirit.

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