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Thought for the Week with the Rev Leslie Shorten

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Latest lifestyle and leisure news from the Haverhill Echo, haverhillecho.co.uk, @haverhill on Twitter

I remember being on a training course many years ago and undergoing what is called a psychometric test to see what kind of a person I was. One of the results showed that I am a ‘completer/finisher’.

In other words, I like the details sorted out and the loose ends tied up!

When we look back at the Christmas story at all of the participants, we find that God does not leave loose ends.

The angels, the star, the shepherds, the inn-keeper, Mary and Joseph and perhaps a host of others that they encountered in their journey to Bethlehem were all in place!

Every person and situation had to be perfectly planned and timed so that at a defined point in time and space all of those events came together culminating in the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

God’s timing is always perfect – we know that in our own experience.

Things happen in our lives and at the time we can’t always explain it but looking back we are able to see the hand of God.

God does not leave things to chance – he permits things to happen but I don’t believe he leaves them to chance.

One of the things I have also discovered in life is that it is not always possible to tie up every loose end, there are some things that just have to be left in God’s hands and remember that it is he who is writing the script.

The Lord who is the final Word will not abandon me to a fate determined by someone else. As I trust him, he will continue to work out his purposes in my life.

Because God is in control I can trust him when the plot is not as tidy as I would like it to be.

As you step into a new year with all its possibilities why not hand over the loose ends of your life to our Lord and Saviour as you travel into this new year, you will find him a dependable and trustworthy companion.

“Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust” Psalm 40:4

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