UKIP’s Euro meeting in Haverhill

Cllr Tony Brown
Cllr Tony Brown

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) will host a public meeting in Haverhill next month ahead of the May 22 European elections.

The party, which calls for the UK to exit the European Union, will hold the meeting at Haverhill Leisure Centre at 7pm on April 5.

It is one of a series of events UKIP is staging throughout East Anglia ahead of the elections, including in Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket, but marks the first time UKIP has had such a meeting in the town.

UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew and former Royston mayor and UKIP MEP candidate Mark Hughes will be at the meeting.

Haverhill has become a UKIP hotbed in recent times, with the party winning five of the town’s last six elections having previously never had a presence there.

Tony Brown and Julian Flood won two of three Suffolk County Council seats while Barry Robbins won the by-election for Haverhill Town Council followed by Bryan Hawe’s resignation.

Paul Firman won the town by-election for the late Les Ager’s seat while Cllr Brown replaced him on St Edmundsbury Council, on which Gordon Cox also defected to UKIP.

“It’s a public meeting in which we’d like to hear the views of anyone who’s interested in the elections,” said Cllr Tony Brown.

“We’ve been surprised by the UKIP support in Haverhill but from talking to people see that they’re pretty disappointed with the other three parties over the last few years and are looking for a different answer and common sense solution.

“We thought it may have just been a protest vote in the May elections but have had a lot of support since then and have built on that.”

The meeting will explore UKIP’s solutions to getting wages to raise, lowering EU immigration, reducing fuel bills and saving the countryside and green spaces.

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