Video: Floods cause chaos around Haverhill and villages

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for the region as more heavy rain could give rise to further flooding.

Our video shows how flooding caused chaos in Haverhill and surrounding villages on Friday morning, with one school closed and some roads under water.

Haverhill flooding.

Haverhill flooding.

Burton End Primary School in Haverhill was closed after a couple of classrooms and the kitchen were flooded.

Clements Primary School in Haverhill was also shut, as were the primary schools in Clare and Hundon.

The A143 was flooded near The Fox in Little Wratting and we filmed police trying to remove a Ford Ka that was stuck in the water.

Both Sturmer, Wixoe, Little Thurlow and many others were badly affected by the rain. Many roads were closed.

The latest Met Office warning says a further spell of widespread rain, heavy in places, is likely to spread northeastwards across much of the UK on Wednesday clearing eastwards early on Thursday. Following earlier heavy rainfall, the public should be aware of the potential for further flooding in places.

Gale or severe gale force winds are likely to be an added hazard in places.

The Environment Agency is monitoring the situation closely, working alongside partners including the Met Office and local authorities.

- Act now to protect yourself and your property.

- Keep your colleagues and customers informed of the situation.

- If it’s safe to do so, block doors with flood boards or sandbags and cover airbricks and other ventilation holes.

- If you are caught in a flash flood, get to higher ground. Stay away from flood water and don’t take risks.

- If it’s safe, move stock and valuable items to a safe place.

- Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water.

- Turn off gas, electricity and water if your property is about to flood. Never touch an electrical switch if you are standing in water.

- Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 using quickdial 036311 for up-to-date flooding information.

- Keep an eye on local water levels and weather conditions. The Environment Agency website contains details of river level and flooding information and can be accessed at

With many roads flooded, police are also advising motorists to take extra care,giving out the following precautions, especially during heavy bursts of rain where the roads become flooded and spray becomes a hazard to road users.

- Reduce your speed

- Use dipped headlights

- Increase your distance from the vehicle in front and be prepared to move further back if your visibility gets worse

- Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good working order

- Beware of slippery road surfaces, especially if the rain follows a long dry spell

- Watch out for standing water and areas of flooding

- Do not drive through flooded areas as it unknown how deep the water could be.

Further information about road safety can be found on the Suffolk Police website: