Vision inquiry hears of impact on Haverhill to Newmarket road

Little Thurlow
Little Thurlow

Extra development will push a village road past ‘breaking point’, it was claimed.

The public inquiry into St Edmundsbury Council’s Vision 2031 documents which detail how Haverhill should develop over the next 20 years, held at Haverhill Leisure Centre last Wednesday (February 5), heard how the homes proposed in Haverhill will pile more traffic onto the B1061.

Keith Bunting, from Little Thurlow, said: “The B1061 is the direct route between Haverhill and Newmarket and it’s an extremely narrow road that twists and winds through a series of villages with bits at miles per hour that a lot of people travel too fast through.

“We have the Wrattings, the Thurlows and the Bradleys, and then the Cambridgeshire villages, and since a joint meeting about the road six months ago it’s been recorded that 15 per cent of traffic on the road is exceeding the speed limit.

“There are children who walk along it to school who are in great danger.

“Newmarket is the number one race centre in the UK for 25 days a year when there’s traffic using the road, and all the traffic from the south, from Essex and Stansted, come on it.

“This talks about people who live and work in Newmarket and Haverhill as the whole story but for 45 days a year (20 show days) others are using it for the races.

“At the moment it’s at breaking point with very serious traffic and if the development improves the road it helps but if it just adds 10,000 people many will work outside of Haverhill and that’s hardly going to make the situation any better.

“We’re not against the development but we’re in favour that people should have some provision or alternative routes to Newmarket on account of the impact this development will have on other communities.”

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