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Volunteers needed in Haverhill first aid service bid

By Josh Thomas

Betty McLatchy
Betty McLatchy

Volunteers are being sought to help with an out-of-hours first aid station in Haverhill.

Town councillor, Betty McLatchy, is looking to start an emergency first-aid service in town that will provide help between the hours of 7pm ad 10pm.

The service will be staffed by volunteers and will fill the gap left in the evenings when GPs’ surgeries close for the day.

Cllr McLatchy said: “It will just be a little service to help people who can’t travel for some reason, like if they’re bleeding.

“There will be people on hand to offer reassurance and to give proper advice. They’ll be able to apply dressings. We won’t be able to offer painkillers or any drugs.

“I’m looking for volunteers. The whole thing’s going to be run on a voluntary basis.

“The Red Cross can give us training courses for a fee.

“I think it’s a very important service and we need something like this in town to stop people feeling vulnerable. This will support everyone and help make Haverhill a safer place to be.”

Cllr McLatchy said the idea for the service came when she accidentally caught her finger in a car door. She needed first aid and advice, but was unable to drive to hospital because of her injury.

Somewhere in town, she said, that offered help in the evenings would be very useful.

“What we really need in Haverhill is a cottage hospital,” said Cllr McLatchy. “We’re a long way from the nearest hospitals and there are limited facilities in Haverhill itself.”

Cllr McLatchy is currently in discussion with the town council to try to secure the use of an appropriate building to use as a venue for the first-aid service.

Town clerk, Colin Poole said: “People’s need for first aid services in well established.

“At the moment, it’s a pilot. I guess if it’s successful and gets off the ground, we’ll see if this kind of thing can be done efficiently as a solution for the whole town.”

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