Vote on Thursday for European elections

The European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo: European Union EMN-140429-150343001
The European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo: European Union EMN-140429-150343001

Thursday is polling day in the European Elections when you can play your part in choosing the seven MEPs who will represent the East of England.

We are among the first countries to vote but all Europe will have voted for their 751 MEPs by Sunday, with the number of members for each region depending on its population.

At the last Euro Election in 2009, 37.6 per cent of the East’s 4,252,669 voters took part with 22 per cent of those voting doing it by post.

Since then our ‘Magnificent Seven’ has been four Conservatives and one each from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP parties. All but one of them, Robert Sturdy, is standing for re-election.

In European Parliament election you vote for the party, not the individual, unless they are an independent. The party with the most votes in each region gets the first seat and their remaining votes are divided by one plus the number of seats (ie two).

If they still have the most votes, they get another seat and the remaining votes are divided by three, if not, the next highest voted party gets the seat and their remaining votes are divided by one plus the number of seats they have. That continues until all the available seats are filled.

Critics say this form of voting can make it more likely than with first-past-the-post for less popular parties to get seats by default if not enough voters turn out for the more popular ones.

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There are 70 candidates from 10 parties standing for election in the East Of England.

Bury St Edmunds’ Green county councillor Mark Ereira and Conservative Geoffrey Van Orden and Green Robert Lindsay from Bildeston are the only ones from West Suffolk. Vicky Ford from Balsham is restanding. The Christian People’s Alliance is fielding Carl Clark, Kirsty Evans and Kevin Austin from Thetford and Mark and Jane Clamp from Ashill near Thetford.

Not all the candidates live in the east: there are four from London, one each from Surrey, Leicestershire and Brussels.

The parties are listed in alphabetical order and standing MEPs are marked with an asterisk.

An Independence from Europe

Paul Kevin Wiffen, Chadwell Heath, Essex; Karl Berresford Davies, Balham, London; Raymond Charles Mitchell Spalding, Scawby Brook, Lincolnshire; Edmund Max Rosenthal, Wallington, Surrey; Rupert Smith, West London; Dennis James Wiffen, Dunstable, Bedfordshire; Betty Patricia Wiffen, Chadwell Heath,Essex.

British National Party

Richard Andrew Perry, Langford, Essex; Christopher Eric Livingstone, Langford, Essex; Mark James Burmby, Heybridge, Essex; Paul Stephen Hooks, Halstead, Essex; Stephen Leonard Smith, Canvey Island, Essex; Philip David Howell, Basildon, Essex; Michael Edward Braun, Hornchurch, Essex.

Christian Peoples Alliance

Carl Shaun Clark, Thetford; Mark Anthony Clamp, Ashill, Norfolk; Chris Olley, Dereham, Norfolk; Stephen John Todd, Chelmsford, Essex; Jane Elizabeth Clamp, Ashill, Norfolk; Kirsty Evans, Thetford; Kevin John Austin, Thetford, Norfolk.


Vicky Ford*, Balsham, Cambridgeshire; Geoffrey Charles Van Orden*, Bildeston; David Campbell Bannerman*, West London; John Christopher Flack, Chelmsford, Essex; Tom Hunt, Ely, Cambridgeshire; Margaret Rowena Simons, Luton, Bedfordshire; Jonathan Mark Thomas Collett, Stoke Golding, Leicestershire.

English Democrats

Robin Tilbrook, Willingale, Essex; Charles Vickers, Letchworth, Hertfordshire; Stephen Goldspink, Turves, Cambridgeshire; Maria Situmbeko, Turves, Cambridgeshire; Bridget Cowan, Letchworth, Hertfordshire; Don Whitbread, Friends Green, Hertfordshire; Jeremy Moss, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.

Green Party

Rupert Read, Norwich; Mark Ereira, Bury St Edmunds; Jill Mills, St Albans, Hertfordshire; Ash Haynes, Norwich; Marc Scheimann, Luton, Bedfordshire; Robert Lindsay, Bildeston; Fiona Jane Radic, Peterborough.


Richard Stuart Howitt*, Cambridge; Alex Mayer Elba, Chittering, Cambridgeshire; Sandy Martin, Ipswich; Bhavna Joshi, Great Ashby, Hertfordshire; Paul Anthony Bishop, Chelmsford, Essex; Jane Patricia Basham, Hadleigh; Chris Ostrowski, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Liberal Democrats

Andrew Nicholas Duff*, Cambridge; Josephine Mary Hayes, Colchester; Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Girton, Cambridgeshire; Stephen John Robinson, Writtle, Essex; Michael Andrew Green, St Albans, Hertfordshire; Linda Jack, Luton; Hugh Martin James Annand, Brussels, Belgium.


Brian Denny, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex; Eleanor Mary Donne, Laindon West, Essex; Stephen William Glennon, Stevenage, Hertfordshire; David John Goode, Cambridge; Leonardo Impett, Cambridge; Teresa Mary MacKay, Ipswich; Emily Thompson-Golding, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk.


Patrick James O’Flynn; West London; Stuart Agnew*, Helhoughton, Norfolk; Tim Mark Aker, Aveley, Essex; Michael Heaver, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire; Mick McGough, Loughton, Essex; Andy Monk, Bury, Cambridgeshire; Mark James Hughes, Royston, Hertfordshire.