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Wanted: Your memories of the Chalkstone Estate

By Sammi Nice

Wanted: Your memories, pictures and stories of the town’s Chalkstone Estate.

The Chalkstone Area Tenants and Residents Association (CATRA), is asking people to get in touch to help them put together an exhibition detailing the estate’s history.

The exhibition, which will being put together in collaboration with the Haverhill and District Local History Group, will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the building of the estate which will be celebrated in 2016.

Ernie Goody, who is secretary of CATRA, said: “The estate was put up 49 years ago.

“We want to hear from people who have been here since it was built and see if there’s anyone still there who came here when it was built.”

The exhibition will feature archive pictures of the estate’s construction as well as information about the buildings themselves.

Now the group is hoping to hear about people’s personal experiences of the estate and the people who live there so they can build up a more personal picture of the area.

Anyone with pictures, personal stories, fond memories or anecdotes about the estate is invited to get in touch to share them.

“The more people involved, the better the exhibition will be,” said Mr Goody. “It’s quite an achievement to have something with so much history.

“I moved to the estate 41 years ago. When we moved in, I thought the house was only a couple of years old.

“It’s the personal things we want. We are interested in people’s memories rather than just information and pictures. We want nice stories and memories.

“A lot of people moved here from London and had a better life and all that. I think it would be great to hear from some of those people.”

People can contact Mr Goody to share their stories at erniegoody@msn.com or on 01440 763381. Alternatively, they can contact the Haverhill and District Local History Group on 01440 714962.

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