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Warning to Haverhill free runners: Stay off the roof tops

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Freerunners in Haverhill have been warned of the dangers of climbing onto rooftops in the town after recent reports of trespassers.

Haverhill police are asking people to be on the look-out for intruders on the roofs of shops, particularly in the town centre, after youngsters began using them as obstacle courses.

Freerunning is a kind of free-form gymnastics that uses urban features instead of gym equipment. The sport has become popular in recent years, particularly among younger people.

“We are expecting someone to come a cropper,” said PCSO Les Scott. “We’re asking them to stop doing it. We are extremely concerned about their safety.

“The issue is that they are trespassing, but there have also been some serious injuries in the last few years because of freerunning.

“If they do come a cropper up on those roofs, some one has to go up and help them down. That’s if we even find them in the first place.”

The warning echoes a similar one given last August when a young free runner fell through a glass skylight at Lloyd’s Bank in the High Street. The thrill-seeker escaped serious injury, but police were quick to point out the dangers of the sport.

Local freerunners, however, said the sport was good for young people and that they should be able to train in a safe environment without having to resort to trespassing.

Safe freerunning sessions are held at Haverhill leisure centre.

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