Was this driver the victim of a vigilante attack?

Darren Fitch with his damaged windscreen ANL-140819-124338001
Darren Fitch with his damaged windscreen ANL-140819-124338001

A driver believes he may have been the victim of mistaken identity in an apparent vigilante attack on his vehicle.

Darren Fitch, 24, a rescue centre worker from Newmarket, had his windscreen smashed when a man attacked his Volkswagen Polo with a golf club.

Darren Fitch with his smashed windscreen ANL-140819-132708001

Darren Fitch with his smashed windscreen ANL-140819-132708001

Mr Fitch was driving through Sturmer at 8.10pm on Monday, August 11 when he was stoped by a couple at the side of the road.

“Just before the turn off towards Kedington, I got flagged down by a woman” said Mr Fitch. “She was waving at me like I was going too fast, except I wasn’t. It’s almost impossible to speed on that road.

“Then a man stepped out into the road. He was shouting and I had to slow right down to avoid him. He hit my windscreen with a golf club. My windscreen smashed on the passenger side. I’d just dropped my niece off. She’d have been sitting right there. She’s only five years old. If she’d still been in the car she could have been hurt.

“I stopped a little bit further up the road. He started running towards me with the club. I’m not stupid. I got back in the car and drove away. I’ve lived around here all my life and I have never heard of anything like this happening. I have taken my dogs down there for a walk recently and there were quite a few loud cars driving through there.

“Maybe the man had had enough and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It just seems strange that someone would walk around with a golf club.”

An investigation by Suffolk Police into the attack is ongoing, with officers hoping to speak to anyone who may have information about the attack.

Police describe the woman as white, of larger build with dark hair. She was wearing a bright red top and appeared to be in her mid 40s.

The man, also white, appeared to be in his late 40s, had dirty blonde hair and was wearing a cream coloured top with a tweed waist coat and dark brown trousers. The pair were accompanied by a dark coloured labrador dog.

Mr Fitch added: “Apparently there have been reports of boy racers driving too quikly in the area. I’ve just bought a new car and it is a bit loud, but I’m not a boy racer. Just because it’s a boy racer car does not mean a boy racer is inside.

“I drive carefully and wasn’t speeding. The police have said, even if I had been speeding, that’s a really bizarre reaction.”