Weston Colville spared worst of flooding

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130822151742

A south Cambridgeshire village escaped the flooding that hit the area after heavy downpours on August 8.

Weston Colville escaped the worst of the damage that saw over 100 homes being flooded in the area.

Ray Vidler, chairman of Weston Colville parish council put the lucky escape down to the work Cambridgeshire county council had done improving drainage and restoring ditches in the area.

“Some of the work they did improved things immediately,” he said. “They’ve still got more work to do, but the flooding that we’ve sometimes seen in previous years didn’t happen this time.

“They have been cleaning out the drains and the ditches and I think it’s made a difference.

“I’ve heard no incidences of water getting into people’s houses. I think that’s what really demonstrated the improvement they’ve made.”