Wide range of musical styles on show at Haverhill Primary School’s concert

St Felix Primary School orchestra ANL-140204-140315005
St Felix Primary School orchestra ANL-140204-140315005

Many groups and soloists, including a jazz band, a rock band, the 40 piece school orchestra and solo children have been preparing for Grade exams took part in the school concert at St Felix Primary recently.

Over 50 children performed at the concert, ranging from absolute beginners to children taking Grade 3 music exams.

Music teacher ... Jones said: “At St Felix we use the concert to give all the children who are learning an instrument, whether in school or outside of school, the chance to show what they have been working on.

“The concert was a great success and we are extremely proud of all of the children who took part.

It is very important for the children to get the chance to perform in different ensembles and in front of an audience, hopefully they will inspire other children to take up an instrument.

Music is great for self esteem, confidence and aids all aspects of children’s development, academically and socially.

At school we try to give our children as many opportunities as we can and this includes the chance for every one of our pupils to learn an instrument.