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Work is progressing on Haverhill’s Strasbourg Square

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Haverhill’s Strasbourg Square is reaping the benefits of a rejuvenating facelift.

The previously dilapidated square has come in for redevelopment, with the old trees being cut down and the paving being pulled up to make way for new plant beds and trees, as well as a criss-cross, gravel path.

The completed work makes up the first phase of the area’s redevelopment.

Councillor Tony Brown was pleased with the work, but lamented the state of the derelict Vixen pub that is still an eye sore.

“It’s private property,” he said. “It’s just a shame we can’t do something about it when the rest of the square’s looking so much better. Your eye’s really drawn to it.”

Initial plans for the development of the former pub, including turning it into a funeral parlour, have stalled pending further talks with the building’s owners.

Former councillor and secretary of CATRA (the Chalkstone Tenants and Residents Association), Ernie Goody, welcomed the development work, but questioned some aspects of the improvements.

He said: “While I would welcome the improvements to Strasbourg Square, I have reported to the ward councillors a number of areas I believe could have been done better.

“The two main footpaths that go diagonally across the square from Salter Cross have been done in loose gravel, which is no good if you use a wheelchair or push a buggy. It is already leaving the area onto the adjacent paths. This surface is also unsuitable for cleaning or of clearing of snow.

“The previous three column light fittings each with three lamps has been reduced to one. This might have been okay had this light been positioned in the middle and not to one side of the square. I fear that there could be potential for people returning from the town at night and tripping over the raised beds.” have been placed instead of a flat surface.

“Also, the three rubbish bins have been reduced to one which position has not been chosen well. As it is outside the shop that is closed [previously the On Track centre] and not the two shops likely to cause the need for a bin.”

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