Young Abington thespians battle to save forest

Great Abington Primary School production of Hagbane's Doom
Great Abington Primary School production of Hagbane's Doom

Schoolchildren have been battling to save a mystical forest in their latest play.

The budding young thespians at Great Abington Primary School have been putting on shows of the musical ‘Hagbane’s Doom’.

The plot begins as three children, Sophie, Josh and Andrew, find something mysterious about an archway in the local park, which seems to have their names inscribed on it.

Going through the archway, the children find themselves transported into another world, caught up in a battle to save the Forest of Alamore from the wicked crone Hagbane who has stolen the Merestone — a magical stone that is essential to keep the forest alive.

Prince Oswain, the children and the forest folk try to defeat Hagbane and her army of Grims and Grogs.

Year six teacher Caroline Barker said: “In a break from tradition we chose not to perform our annual panto this year, instead choosing the musical ‘Hagbane’s Doom’ where the main parts are taken by the year six children who have practised all half term.

“The children were fantastic performers and will be performing to parents and carers.”

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