Grantham Journal letter: Good service is the norm

David Charles of Grantham Computer Centre. 836C
David Charles of Grantham Computer Centre. 836C

I would like to thank Stuart Roderick for his very complimentary letter in last week’s Journal.

I am pleased we were able to help you and it is good to hear all my work colleagues are doing a great job.

I want to emphasise Stuart’s original comment “May I give an example of the benefit of getting behind local business.”

As a local retail business owner I use many of the independent retail establishments in town and get the same level of service all the time.

This is why I started the Grantham Retail Association so that we can all work together to keep more money in the local economy.

So, thanks once again Stuart and keep up the good work on passing on the message about Grantham’s independent retail businesses.

David Charles

Grantham Computer Centre