Letter: Bus stop confusion

With reference to Cllr Gordon Cox’s answer to the problem and remedy of the Sainsbury’s crossing:

He states that the route for the Cambridge to Haverhill could mean the bus going around TWO roundabouts with a bus stop and shelter being built on the research park side of the road. That would mean passengers having to cross the busy road!

Would suggest the ‘STOP’ being on Sainsbury’s side and passengers for Hanchett village having use of the crossing (albeit in poor repair) already in situ.

The suggestion of removing the ‘Stop’ (Sainsbury’s) for Cambridge is absurd – what is the point of that!

Also the excuse for having a crossing on the A1307 is too expensive – perhaps the council should remember the affluent year of 2007 when money was no object. Why wasn’t the crossing problem solved then?

Perhaps the council could approach Sainsbury’s for help with the financial side since most of the people in this area use their store.

Ron J Davies,

Horsham Close, Haverhill