Haverhill RC

The Abington 10k last Sunday saw a huge turnout of runners from Haverhill Running Club with 39 club members in the turnout of 362 runners.

For many of these runners, this race was the culmination of training from the beginners groups the club hold. To complete from zero running to racing a 10k in a matter of months is an achievement in itself.

John Oakes was eighth 36.13, Paul Game 12th in 37.18, Martin Speller 15th in 38.11, Tim Ellis 26th in 40.11 and Ivan Layzell 29th in 40.45.

Simon Couldry was 43rd in 42.30, Dave Bray 55th in 42.23, Barry Barnes 61st in 43.43, Steve Reyes 76th in 44.39 and

Nick Kirkham 83rd in 45.03.

Yusuf Firat finished 87th in 45.18, Nigel Chapman 101st in 46.53, Neil Darracourt 109th in 47.40, Darren Woodley 127th in 48.41 and Terry Braverman 51st in 50.02.

Simon Haffendencame home in 154th place in 50.10, Nicola Vaughan 178th in 51.28, Shirley Fowler 194th in 52.56, Mark Carpenter 217th in 54.27 and Cheryl Trundle 228th in 55.06.

Phil Jarvis was 231st in 55.20, Anthony Elsey 243rd in 57.03, Chris Bolton 244th in 57.16, Paul Naxton 250th in 57.27 and

Theresa Franklin 271st in 59.25.

Denise Ford crossed the line in 274th in 59.31, Bev Reynolds 280th in 1.00.19, Simon Wallis 282nd in 1.00.28, Kim Gregory 287th in 1.00.59 and Joan Nevin 289th in 1.01.54.

John Nevin just made the first 300 to finish in 299th in 1.01.55, Sandra Hiscox 33th in 1.03.19, Jeannette Almond 322nd in 1.05.47, Cheryl Claydon 324th in 1;06;01 and Toni White 342nd in 1.08.37

Also completing the coruse for Haverhill were Tracy North in 385th in 1.13.14, Zoe Chapman 359th in 1.13.14, Sarah Jarvis 361st in 1.14.57 and Amanda Williams 362nd in 1.22.24

The last couple of weeks has seen Haverhill running club members attend events in Europe and a lot closer to home. Trudi moorish flew out to Germany, to compete with 40,000 others in one of the major events of the year, the Berlin marathon. Morrish ran in with an excellent time of 4 hours, 38 minutes. Keeping her company was fellow haverhill runner, Kirsty Millard, who ran 4 hours, 21 minutes.

Up in Robin Hood country, veteran husband and wife team of John and Joan Nevin Took part with 6,000 other runners in the Nottingham Half Marathon. John got round in 1;58;15 and Joan completing in 2;22 11.

The last two Sundays have seen two local 10ks take place. Saffron Striders Running Club hosted there annual race at Newport, with the course being mainly off-road and hilly. Seven members took part , in the field of 284 runners. Martin Lawrence was first home in thirteenth place with a time of 39;06. Nigel Chapman, making another comeback, ran in 91st place with 47;44, and Neil Darracourt”stime of 50;17 was enough to give him 126th place.Jackie Wareham (52;32 for 155th), Nicola Vaughan (55;28 and 194th ), Terry Braverman (56;23 for 204th ), and Anthony Elsey in 251st place with 1;03 20 completed the turnout.