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Haverhill Borough projected to wrap up season in 17th place on points-per-game basis

Haverhill Borough manager Guy Habbin said he has looked at the various league projections and he does not ‘really mind how the season finishes’.

The Thurlow Nunn League First Division North boss considered where his side might be placed on a points per game percentage basis and realised they would remain in 17th position in the standings.

They have 11 fixtures remaining with 27 points and, under the calculation used to work out the final standings in the East Hockey League, would be projected to pick up 11 points to remain in 17th position with 38 points.

Haverhill Borough v Fakenham - Martin Hammond and Guy Habbin.Pic - Richard Marsham. (32291789)
Haverhill Borough v Fakenham - Martin Hammond and Guy Habbin.Pic - Richard Marsham. (32291789)

He said: “I have seen lots of managers discussing it, and criticising certain outcomes, but I just don’t think football is a priority right now.

“That’s not to say I wouldn’t be disappointed if we don’t get to play again this season.

“If we don’t get to play that team that played Diss again, then I will be sad.

“It would be a shame to stop when we were just finding our feet but I am now looking at next season.

“If we get five or six games more this season they will be bonus games; whatever happens, including points per game calculations, our league status is not affected so we don’t really mind how the season finishes now.”

Thurlow Nunn League First Division North 2019/20 (32384238)
Thurlow Nunn League First Division North 2019/20 (32384238)

Borough beat Diss Town 2-1 in their last outing on March 3.

Habbin added: “We believe we are better than 17th position and we will now just wait until next season to get the chance to show that.

“I hope the team will stay together, we are not the sort of club that jumps ship, we have a great environment here, and we have felt things get stronger and progressed this season, I’m sure the lads will want to go again next season.

“We discussed what the situation would be and when we knew that there were going to be call offs and stuff.

“We knew we would not be playing but we were still planning on training because it was about keeping in touch.

“But that’s obviously not happened; so now, for a little while, football’s going to go on the back burner.

“I don’t expect there to be any more football this season but, if there is, it’s not going to happen before the date the season was scheduled to end on, so we’re in unknown territory.

“I’m reaching out to the players and checking they’re good; you build up close relationships with players and it’s all of our responsibilities to check on each other.

“I have a few at home fitness ideas I am going to email out to the lads as well, but it’s really difficult to plan anything at the moment.”

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