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A production of gigantic proportions for Haverhill drama group

Hapless villains, a dashing young hero and a dame with more double entendres than a Carry On film.

Theatre and Comedy
Bearded tit

Culture: And so it begins at RSPB Lakenheath Fen

Happy New Year to you all. Now that the festive season is over for another year, why not make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to visit RSPB Lakenheath Fen in the near future?

KEPOW! Theatre Company - Abi Hood and Kevin Tomlinson

Culture: Adventures with our Abi

Local girl Abi Hood returns to the Theatre Royal in a show that celebrates the power of the human imagination.

Maria Broadbent

Culture: Casa Del Mar's Maria Broadbent says we are what we eat

With increasing awareness of mental health issues yet limited resources available for treating those facing these challenges – what else can be done? There has long been a phrase bandied around that ‘we are what we eat’ – this applies to both our physical and the mental capacity. You would not run a Formula 1 racing car on used chip fat!

Liza Sings

Culture: Liza Pulman puts on a show

Singer Liza Pulman tells us about the career path that led to her new show celebrating the magnificent Barbra Streisand and how she cheated death in the 7/7 bombings

Suffolk Philharmonic's Alexander Ullman

Culture: Bury Festival fever starts to kick in

The excitement is building as Bury Festival 2018 gets set for its official launch next month. Here Culture gets a sneak peak at a few of the artists taking part.

Around the World in 80 Days

Review: Around the World in 80 Day, Theatre Royal Norwich

Around The World in 80 Days, 
Theatre Royal Norwich

Whats on
Winter at Lackford - eye spy

Culture: Winter at Lackford

Winter at Lackford Lakes is a special time of year, with crisp frosty days under cerulean blue skies, the place becomes quite magical.

Judy and Liza

Culture: Life is a cabaret for stage show about two Hollywood icons

Timeless songs and an unusual mother/daughter dynamic led Emma Dears to write a special show about two Hollywood icons, Judy & Liza.

Paddy & Scott

Culture: Coffee revolution; fuelling resolutions

By now chances are that your new year’s resolutions are either a distant memory or becoming a bit of a struggle. The overindulgence of Christmas is forgotten (though maybe not quite forgiven) and the mornings are still a little too cold and dark to make that pre-work run or stint in the gym seem like a really great prospect.

Byron, Bury St Edmunds

Culture: Mission accomplished at Byron in Bury St Edmunds, says Camille Berriman

Byron says its mission is to serve ‘proper hamburgers, the way they should be’. As a vegetarian I couldn’t give a verdict on how true to that mission the Bury restaurant remains, so I took my husband along to give the meaty lowdown.

Ocean's 8

Culture: Have the popcorn ready for 2018's film bonanza

Plenty of well-loved characters are returning to cinemas in 2018. Laura Harding gives a rundown of all the reasons to visit the cinema in the new year

Nicola Miller's vegetable soup

Culture: Nicola Miller says it's January - and that means it's time for a great soup

Yes, it’s January, a time for resolutions, and yes this is a soup but it is not a diet soup or a detox soup or a bikini body soup.

Bessie Turner

Culture: Time to tune up for Bury Sound

Young musical artists are tuning up to take part in a showcase of local talent as the first heat of this year’s BurySOUND is set to kick off this month.

Winnie the Pooh

Culture: The buzz around honey ... by Carole Baker

Winnie the Pooh day is January 18!
Michael Parkinson

Culture: Just who does Sir Michael Parkinson think he really is?

July 1962, aged just 27 years, a young, unknown journalist by the name of Michael Parkinson has published his first piece for the Sunday Times in their colour section magazine.
Folk music

Culture: Your latest folk music round-up

The Milkmaid Folk Club - NEW VENUE

Reed bunting

Culture: The Big Garden Birdwatch (with a difference)

Happy New Year to you all! As soon as Christmas is over and done with for another year, the RSPB’s eyes turn to the Big Garden Birdwatch.

Joe Brown

Culture: Joe Brown is a true great of rock 'n' roll

“This is the bare bones of Joe Brown,” says no less than Joe Brown himself.

Portuguese custard tarts by Gastrono-me

Culture: Gastrono-me - A very merry custard tart that's sure to impress by Gemma Simmonite

An advent calendar heralds the beginning of the festive period in many households. It could be a chocolate-filled countdown, a glittery traditional Christmas scene or, more recently, beauty products, even a daily gin hiding behind the windows – whatever you open, it still marks the exciting march towards the special day.

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